You have to list player from your ultimate team on transfer market exactly by order details.
Step 1: You have to select player from your ultimate team.
Step 2: After selecting you will get order details(start price,buy now price and transfer time, which have to be 3 Days)
Step 3: Before payment you have to list following player on transfer market.
Step 4: Click "buy now " button and SING UP, if you have already registered on our web site make payment through paypal.

We get your account data and we'll transfer coins to your account by safe and fast way.
You have to not log in account until process will be completed if you login we dont take responsibility about your account safety.

Web app transfer market has to be unlocked.

Where to find back up codes https://myaccount.ea.com/cp-ui/security/index Log in with your EA account Click on „View“ backup codes

You have to buy player on transfer market exactly by order details.

Step 1: You have to select coin amount from list below.
Step 2: After selecting amount, you will get player information and have to buy it on transfer market.
Step 3: After player is bought click "check status" button
Step 4: After successful sale, you will receive money on your balance, which can withdrawn from profile page.

Payment method:
Payment will be made through Paypal/skrill account. Be Sure your paypal/skrill account is verified and can accept payments with no problem or payment provider(Paypal/skrill) will delay or block it completely.